Friday, July 15, 2011

The Ballroom Blog: Party On

This week saw the launch of The Ballroom, a new group blog devoted to ...  hmm. What are we devoted to? In a single word, I’d have to say partying. Regency style partying complete with dashing rakes, gorgeous ladies, and lots of gossip. The authors are Katharine Ashe, Sabrina Darby, Tessa Dare, Gaelen Foley, Sarah MacLean, and me.

I cannot tell you how privileged I feel to be in company with such a talented group of historical romance writers. Plus we are all having TOO MUCH FUN. But the true belle of the ball is our hostess, Lady Heliotrope Beaufeatheringstone (pronounced Batman), commonly known as Lady B. She’s outrageous, she’s opinionated, and she has a parrot named Albert who adds his own unique comments to the passing scene.

We will be holding a ball every Monday, Thursday and Saturday but these events go into the wee hours and beyond so stop by anytime. You’ll have fun.

This week, to celebrate our launch, I’m giving away a copy of NINE RULES TO BREAK WHEN ROMANCING A RAKE by the totally fabulous Sarah McLean. This debut historical was one of the best and most talked-about books last year. If you haven’t read it, you need to! And if you have, you need a signed copy. So comment here (with email address), giving me one (or nine) reasons why you'd like to win,  or enter via my contest entry form. I’ll select the winner at random on July 22nd.

Contest ends July 22, 2011. Open to residents of USA and Canada only. Void where prohibited. No purchase required, though certainly appreciated on July 26th when my new book comes out. (With apologies for the shameless self-promotion)


  1. One or nine!? LOL I just would like to try the book. I havent any from that series. But they do look fun. :-)
    lisakhutson at cox dot net

  2. 1. I'd love to read this book!
    2. I enjoy you as an author.
    3. I have been part of The Ballroom Blog.
    4. I'm disabled (agoraphobic) and don't get out to stores and such.
    5. I'm going through spinal surgery AGAIN!
    6. I'd love to have a signed copy.
    7.I so enjoy rakes!
    8. I'm very excited to have a chance to read this series.
    9. I'm a fan!

    macladie25 at yahoo. com

  3. Loved it! (even if the "ride astride" was a little iffy but I'd give her that one)

    ironss [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. Great giveaway!! I absolutely love this book and series. I'd love to go back and read it again. And I definitely need a signed copy :). Those are only 3 reasons, but I think they are good reasons.

  5. well i would love to win the book i have not read the book and i am always on the hunt for a good one

  6. Loved this book (as well as all her others)! Sarah is very talented and can't wait til her new one comes out! My nine reasons:
    1. Love to win anything!
    2. Would love an autographed book!
    3. Love the new Ballroom Blog!
    4. Which lead me to you! A new author for me.
    5. Would love to win.
    6. Would love Sarah to be part of my bookshelf.
    7. If I own it, I can share it with others.
    8. Would love to win a giveaway!
    9. And did I mention I'd love to win?

  7. 1. Love Sarah Maclean
    2. NINE RULES TO BREAK, rocked!!!!
    3. I love contests
    4. signed books rule
    5. I love sexy spinsters
    6. I love hot ballrooms
    7. I love naughty rakes
    8. I love Miranda Neville *wink* ;D
    9. I love books and I would donate my gently used copy if I won!


  8. Hey this is Sababa and I have read this book before. So why am I so eager for this giveaway?
    1. This is one book I feel I can read again and again.
    2. Ralston is one hero I can never get over.
    3. Callie is outrageously brave
    4. Reading about the list made me want to create my own list of daring things to do.
    5. I bought 11 Scandals and I would love to have the entire love by number series.
    6. Sarah MacLean became one of my favorite authors in a remarkably short period of time. (One week in case you are wondering. I read the entire series in seven days)
    7. I believe rules are meant to be broken specially those made my the society.
    8. I love romance, not just love. And this book delivers romance uniquely.
    9. I am slowly collecting books I love so that one day when I have my own library I can fill up the shelves with it.. looking forward to that day. :)

    email address -

  9. You guys are so great! Total kudos to the nine answer ladies (though I'm afraid the drawing really is random so you don't get 9 entries!). If any of you haven't visited the ballroom yet, please do. The glorious Sabrina Darby (love her name, and her writing) is our hostess on Thursday and a little bird (who may be named Albert) told me she's interviewing a horticultural product.

  10. What a fabulous contest! Thank you so much, Miranda, for hosting...and to all of you for your wonderful reasons...I'm so happy that Nine Rules is such a favorite!

    LOL @Sheree ... well, do I get points for riding astride in other books? Can I trade those points in for 9 Rules points?

  11. I visited the "The Ballroom" on its debut and I think it's stunning to look at and of course it houses many wonderful authors. I'm going to love spending time there, having dances and putting on my ballgowns!

    Reasons I'd love to win?
    1. I love rakes.
    2. I'd love to learn how to attain one.
    3. I'm curious as to what these nine rules are :)
    4. The book would be a lovely guide that I can turn to when reading romances.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  12. Hi Na! Thanks for visiting The Ballroom. Come often and be sure to be there this coming Monday when I'm hosting the ball!

  13. It's Friday morning and I randomly selected "Anonymous" as my winner. She left her email but it bounced back. Anonymous: please get in touch with your name and address (you can use the Contact form on this site) ASAP. If I don't hear from you by Monday I'll select another winner.

  14. so how come no one answered my

    whats a rake? If you have been reading Miranda's Blog I have been away from reading Historical Romance a while LOL.

  15. Gosh, Tina. I didn't realize that was a serious question! Read a few more historical romances and you'll be right up to speed on rakedom. A rake is a man who seduces a lot of women. In real life they weren't very nice. In romance they are incredibly gorgeous men who are just waiting for the right woman to come along and reform them from their wicked ways. There's an old saying "a reformed rake makes the best husband." We'll have to have a discussion about that one of these days.