Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cover Love

People say one of the advantages of self-publishing is being able to choose your own cover. In my opinion mostly No. The art department at Avon produces beautiful and professional covers and I didn't have to do a thing about them. On the other hand, working on my indie anthologies, I discovered the hard, stressful work of scrolling through stock photos. Few of them are attractive and the ones that are have been used by other authors, frequently.

For Secrets of a Soprano I ended up with a custom photo shoot, even having a Regency-style gown made by a friend. I am thrilled with the result thanks to a wonderful team. Many thanks to all of them.

Cover art by Phatpuppy
Photography: Teresa Yeh Photography
Model: Jennie Ross

Makeup/Hair: Nadya Rutman,

SECRETS OF A SOPRANO will be out April 11th and possibly available for order earlier from some vendors.