Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ten things you should know about Confessions From an Arranged Marriage.

1. Minerva has political ambitions. But she isn’t anything like Margaret Thatcher, though I could see Meryl Streep playing her when Meryl was much younger.

2. Lord Blakeney gets up to no good in the library, something he has Cause to Regret.

3. In Paris things are much less proper, oo-la-la. Minerva and Blake go on a date.

4. You may hate Blake at first, but you’ll love him once you know his childhood secret.

5. Minerva isn’t always as clever as she thinks. Nothing like seeing Miss Smartypants taken down a peg or two.

6. Like all good heroes, Blake knows how to come to the rescue of a lady. Even when she gets herself into trouble.

7. There’s one thing to be said for jocks: they have stamina. Also excellent muscle tone.

8. Blake may not agree, but there ARE worse things than being a duke.

9. Minerva may not agree, but there ARE worse things than marrying a duke.

10.  Blake & Minerva manage to find their way to a rapturous conclusion, but don’t take my word for it. The book is out today in a bookstore or ebook reader near you!


  1. I definately beleive there are worse things than marrying a Duke. :)


  2. Miranda -

    The fates couldn't be worse! On my break at work I went to down-load onto my Kindle and the battery was dead! On top of that our computer at home isn't working.

    Please come back Waldenbooks so when bad things happen I can still buy a book! I do love my Kindle but just thought I'd point out why at this exact moment in time it's not making me have warm fuzzy feeling for it.

  3. Omg!!!. I loved it. I stayed up all night reading. I'm kind of sad now because I have nothing to look foward to. I wonder what to expect next.

  4. @Jeanne. Technology is wonderful until it isn't! Did you know the whole Amazon Kindle store went down for about an hour this afternoon? I love mine, but I love printed books, too.

    @sscarlet. I'm so glad you enjoyed Confessions. I'm just finishing a book now which comes out in late November. It's the beginning of a new series with a whole new cast of characters. I hope Burgundy Club fans will enjoy it just as much.

  5. :D enjoyed the list. look forward to confirm point 10 for myself :)

  6. Just started reading this afternoon on my lunch break...was giddy...Sebastian is in this one too. :) woot!!