Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Release Day Thrills and Spills

I always intend to spend book release day in a rational manner: fulfilling my daily word count, eating sensible food, and going to the gym. Guess what? Not happening.

I'm always far too excited, watching the book in its final shiny state going out to meet readers. It's the whole point, the reason for all those hard fought sentences and agonized revisions. The anticipation that someone will eventually read the story. Although not everyone will appreciate my words (bad reviews are always ouchy!), there's nothing like the thrill of hearing from a happy reader.

Today started stressfully. Amazon had, for some reason, decided to unilaterally delay the Kindle edition of The Ruin of a Rogue for a week. While not a disaster on the level of -say - World War III or the death of a hard drive without back up, it wasn't what I wanted to wake up to. So I treated  myself to a large cappuccino with an extra shot and thought about the other great books coming out today. The last Tuesday of the month is a big release day and I am honored to be sharing it with such great writers and wonderful friends as Anna Campbell, Katharine Ashe, Mia Marlowe, Kieran Kramer, Sophie Barnes. Not to mention superstars like Mary Jo Putney and Mary Balogh. Reading choices to make me giddy, if deleterious to my word count.

The Amazon thing got sorted out. I bought a bunch of new books. I got a lovely phone call from the New Jersey Romance Writers telling me The Importance of Being Wicked is a finalist in their Golden Leaf Contest.

It's mid afternoon and I have time to write some words and go to the gym. Or I could eat chocolate. What do you recommend?


  1. Miranda -

    You've put so much work in getting all set for the release I think you should indulge!

    PS: A nice glass of wine along with the chocolate would be a great way to celebrate!

  2. Chocolate!

  3. I'm with Jeanne M...Enjoy - tomorrow will be here soon enough!

  4. Chocolate and wine it was (and now doubt till be again!). Thanks Jeanne, Alise, Scarlet and Gram for giving me permission to indulge!