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Saturday, October 13, 2012


My first novella, The Second Seduction of a Lady, comes out on Tuesday. I'm giving away two copies to commenters on the blog.

 Eleanor Hardwick and Max Quinton shared one night of incredible passion…that was shattered the next day, when Eleanor learned of a bet placed by Max's friends. Now, five years later, Max still can't get Eleanor out of his head or his heart. He has a single chance to make a second impression—one that will last forever.
If you want to know more about it, I recommend you read the excerpt.

I'll pick the winner on Monday evening so you could be reading it on your ereader on Tuesday morning! If you prefer print, you'll have to wait a few weeks when a cute little printed edition will be available.  Just mention in the comments if you prefer digital or print. And this contest is open to international readers.

UPDATE. Some people have been reporting issues with Blogger (the software for this blog). If you don't have a Google account, it's probably easier if you enter the contest using this form.

Contest ends Monday, October 15,  9 pm EST.  Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. All my contests subject to these contest rules.


OpenID ellaquinnauthor said...

I love that your book comes out on my birthday. I can't wait.

October 13, 2012 at 5:07 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

I'm a huge fan of the second-chance story! I'll be downloading this as an ebook whether I win or not :)

October 13, 2012 at 5:15 PM  
Blogger Melody May said...

That's super cool Miranda. :D

October 13, 2012 at 5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd love a print edition!!! Dee

grammyd01 (at) comcast (dot) net

October 13, 2012 at 5:32 PM  
Blogger Betty Hamilton said...

I would LOVE to have a print copy!! I am looking forward to reading it!

October 13, 2012 at 5:40 PM  
Blogger Amy2read said...

I would love a print edition :)

October 13, 2012 at 5:42 PM  
Blogger Betty Hamilton said...

I would LOVE to have a print copy!! I am looking forward to reading it!
bettysunflower at hotmail dot com

October 13, 2012 at 5:42 PM  
Anonymous Ebony Morton said...

I would love a print copy !!! it looks like a great read !!! e.morton@yahoo.com

October 13, 2012 at 5:44 PM  
Blogger Winnie P said...

I would love it in print. Thanks for the chance to win this.
winnie968 at yahoo dot com

October 13, 2012 at 6:38 PM  
Blogger drgnys30 said...

Awww...sounds like someone has his work cut out for him! I would love it in digital for my Nook!

Drgnys30 at yahoo Dot com

October 13, 2012 at 6:48 PM  
Blogger May said...

OOoooh... sounds like a great read! :) I prefer it in print. There's nothing like holding a book in my hand! :)

maybe31 at yahoo.com

October 13, 2012 at 7:28 PM  
Blogger misskallie2000 said...

My Daughyer and I would love to read this book and would love to win print. Thanks for the opportunity to enter giveaway.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

October 13, 2012 at 7:57 PM  
Blogger Diane D - Florida said...

I love second chance romance stories. This is the type of book that is just my cup of tea. I love your books, and would love to read "The Second Seduction of a Lady". It's a beautiful cover too.

If I get lucky, then I would love to read this in print please.

dpd333 (at) aol dot com

October 13, 2012 at 9:05 PM  
Blogger Eli Yanti said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win and read this book, hope i can win :)


October 13, 2012 at 10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get my hands on this e-book!

tsommervold at hotmail dot com

October 13, 2012 at 10:44 PM  
Anonymous E.McKinney said...

I like to read free works, and I prefer to read free works that are digital, because every time I throw a book away, I feel guilty. Nobody wants a used trade paperback, and I just don't have the space to keep them, so I'm glad they are biodegradable. Also, If I win, I promise I will write a review and post it on the Avon addicts space over at avonromance.com. I can be reached via emails over at Twist her knickers at gmail dot com

October 14, 2012 at 1:22 AM  
Blogger Beebs said...

Cannot wait to read this :)


October 14, 2012 at 7:54 AM  
Anonymous cayenne said...

This sounds like such a good story. I would love to win a digital copy - thank you for the giveaway!

cayenne-9t1 AT hotmail DOT com

October 14, 2012 at 10:20 AM  
Blogger girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Sounds like a wonderful second chance book... the excerpt was charming....splash!! I'd love the print copy and am willing to wait...

October 14, 2012 at 10:57 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I am so looking forward to this new novella and series Miranda. It looks fantastic! :) I would love an e copy.

October 14, 2012 at 11:00 AM  
Anonymous melissa cahall said...

it sounds like a really cute book, either print or ebook kindle is fine with me

October 14, 2012 at 11:17 AM  
Blogger Betty Hamilton said...

Oh how I would LOVE to win a print copy! I adore stories about second chances!! Will this be available to the public in print? ..if so, when?
TY for the opportunity to win a print copy!!

October 14, 2012 at 11:21 AM  
Blogger cherrychnagan said...

I always love contests. When I win, please send the print edition.
Thanks for the opportunity.

October 14, 2012 at 11:42 AM  
Blogger Reading said...

I would love it in print! Thanks for the giveaway =D

October 14, 2012 at 11:43 AM  
Blogger kipha said...

Thanks so much for this giveaway!! I would love to get it in print to add to the collection.

October 14, 2012 at 12:54 PM  
Blogger Leah Weller said...

Congratulations on the release! :)

I would love a chance at winning a print copy. Thank you so much for the opportunity.


October 14, 2012 at 2:28 PM  
Blogger Jeanne M said...

Hi Miranda!

With the busy holiday season coming soon a novella is my favorite type of book to keep "at the ready" in my purse so I'm thrilled about your release of The Second Seduction of a Lady!

Just thinking about the long lines in stores used to make me shutter but once I found out how easily a novella fit in my purse it was no longer a problem!

Now I'm "that nice lady" who lets people go ahead of them in line (well I am in the middle of the that critical scene after all) so I make a lot of people happy while just happily finding out what's going to happen next!

Thanks for the giveaway and I'm thrilled that it's a "real book" as well! They fit so much better in a pocketbook than a Kindle!


October 14, 2012 at 3:01 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Congratulations on the release. Either one is fine.

October 14, 2012 at 3:02 PM  
Blogger Di said...

I know that Max will succeed, the fun is reading what he has to go thru to convince Eleanor.
I'd love a print copy since I don't have an eReader.
Thanks for the opportunity!
sallans d at yahoo dot com

October 14, 2012 at 3:26 PM  
Blogger Clau said...

I have it on my wish list, since the first notice, I can't wait to get my hands on it. Thank you

October 14, 2012 at 4:01 PM  
Blogger Joy Gifford said...

This book sounds really great Miranda! I love both print or Ebook versions.

joylynne66 at hotmail dot com

October 14, 2012 at 5:12 PM  
Blogger fsbuchler said...

Hi Miranda!

I'll take it any way I can get it! And if I don't win, you know I'll buy my own copy anyway!

October 14, 2012 at 5:32 PM  
Blogger TxDee said...

Second chance at love and a hero who's trying to make up for his mistake, two of my favorite tropes. Hope I win the digital version. Thanks for the chance.

October 14, 2012 at 5:43 PM  
Anonymous Sharon Extine comdetail@buckeye-express.com said...

Congradulations on your first novella. Love all your books. Would love a copy for my Nook. If I don't win I'm still getting a copy on Tuesday. Best of Luck with all your writing!!

October 14, 2012 at 7:21 PM  
Blogger gamistress66 said...

ooo, would love a copy (it's on the wish list already) -- digital is fine for me :)
thanks :)

October 14, 2012 at 10:55 PM  
Blogger Pollie the Pug said...

So excited that you have a new story coming out tomorrow!! Thank you for the opportunity. I'd love to have a digital copy. Good luck on release day!! Yay!!!

October 15, 2012 at 7:31 AM  
Blogger leisa said...

A print copy would by awesome!!! Good Luck!!!!!

Thank you...lprater@modweldco.com

October 15, 2012 at 9:31 AM  
Blogger Connie said...

Golly, I loved the excerpt. She sounds like a feisty gal and I just the type of woman I would call a real heroine! Congratulations. Whether I win or not, I will be reading this book!

I'm a print copy freak but I also read via my Kindle. I just love the feel of a "real" book in my hands!

Connie Fischer

October 15, 2012 at 3:37 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

This sounds like a great read, I believe in second chances.

October 15, 2012 at 5:27 PM  
Blogger Miranda Neville said...

Thanks all for entering - between the comments and the form I had a ton of entries. So good to hear from so many of you. And the winners are ... Pollie the Pug and Angela Q.

Pollie - you asked for digital. Please email me miranda AT mirandaneville DOT com and let me know which etailer to send it from, and the email address.

Angela - I'll send you a message on FB.

Congrats to both of you. BTW, I'm also giving away copies at www.theballroomblog. com and there's still time to enter there.

October 15, 2012 at 9:15 PM  
Blogger tsimon7275 said...

I pre-ordered this, and just started to read this morning! I missed your writing Miranda! :)

October 18, 2012 at 1:42 PM  
Blogger laura troxel said...

I just started reading historical romance books. This sounds like a good read. I would love a print copy. Thanks for the giveaway.

October 18, 2012 at 4:09 PM  

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